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TeSys GV2 - Motor Protection Circuit Breakers
Magnetic and Thermal Magnetic Motor Circuit Breakers up to 15 kW

 Manual and local control, when the motor circuit-breaker is used on its own, and automatic    and remote control when combined with a contactor
 Motor protection provided by thermal-magnetic devices built into the circuit-breaker
 No live parts are accessible to direct finger contact
 The addition of an undervoltage trip enables the motor circuit-breaker to be tripped if voltage    is lost
 The addition of a shunt trip enables remote control of tripping
 The control for the open or enclosed motor circuit-breaker can be locked in the �°N/C" position    using 3 padlocks
 Connectors: spring terminal, screw clamp

Complete protection concentrated in a single product.
Compact and simple to select, TeSys GV2 motor circuit-breakers are only 45 mm wide and are categorised according to their level of performance and functions: type of control, breaking capacity, motor protection and accessories.

Industry, infrastructure, building, etc:
 Motor control and protection, in accordance with standards IEC 947-2 and IEC 947-4-1
 Easily inserted in any configuration by screw or clip-fixing onto mounting rails

Soft Starters and Variable Speed Drives

Salient Features
 The Altistart and Altivar ranges offer more simplicity, Compactness, Openness and flexibility:
 Ready - to - use versions, Power suite software workshop, wide range of communication    networks.
 A simplified selection guide enabling you to select your starters and driver quickly

Smart Relays - Zelio Logic (Advanced solution)

Designed for the management of simple automation systems, the new generation of Zelio Logic smart relays provides you with considerable gains from the design stag to the monitoring of your applications due to its flexibility and simplicity

With the Zelio Logic communication interface monitor and remotely control your unmanned installations and reduce your maintenance costs
 Avoid Unnecessary on-site visits
 Defineyour maintenance priorities

Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers

Masterpact NT and NW ( LV Power Circuit Breakers 630 to 6300 A )

High Current Circuit Breakers - Multi Applications
Circuit-breakers, switches, source inverters … Masterpact covers all continuity of supply and energy availability applications. its high performance, even for 1000 V or 400 Hz applications, is suitable for all kinds of uses, even the most specific. Masterpact's range of communicating control units allows it to be integrated into all communication, architectures, therefore making it easier to run and maintain the installations.

Molded Circuit Breakers - A Very Wide Range of Applications
AC, DC 1000 V, 400Hz distribution protection, motor protection, continuity of supply, energy availability… the applications covered by MCB are extensive. Compact is quite simply a guaranteed high-performance installation compliance with international standards and local certifications.