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Subodhan Capacitors
Sucap - Range ( For APFC Panel )

Dual Impregnation - A Unique Design Dual Protection Firm Brass Connections Rust Proof Enclosure. Ministry Of Science And Technology Recognized In - House R & D Unit

Technical Specifications
 Ref Standard Confirming to ISS 13340: 1993 IEC 60831-2
 Type: Self Healing
 Raw Material : Heavy Duty, Zn Alloy,Slope type MPP film
 Di-electric Loss: <0.2W/kVAr
 Capacitor Loss: <0.5W/kVAr
 Safety Feature: Over pressure cut-off
 Life Expectancy : > 100000 working hours (under normal working conditions)
 Guaranteed Technical Particulars on Request.
 Non-standard Ratings on Request.

Non - Self Healing Capacitors

Technical Specifications
Capacitors are manufactured using Double Hazy Double thick Polypropylene film between two electrodes of thick Al foil (soft annealed 99.3% purity ) & have extended foil construction to ensure low watt losses. The capacitors are impregnated with NPCB, Bio-degradable impregnant & hermetically sealed. Current carrying capacity of APP capacitor is 250 times greater than MPP capacitor.

Capacitors are manufactured using one layer of Tissue Paper & one layer of Polypropylene film betweeen two electrodes of plain Al foil (soft, annealed,99.3% & above purity) Having extended foil design to ensure low watt losses.Tissue paper soaks the impregnant by capillary action ensuring perfect impregnation. PP film offers excellent insulation strength making capacitor stronger

Self Healing Capacitors (MPP)
Capacitors are manufactured using Zn-Al Metallised Polypropylene Film with reinforcement ( Heavy Edge ) and slope type film . This special construction enable capacitor to withstand with high switching surges . Assembly  is done in CRCA container  / Aluminium Can and is hermetically sealed. Special  3-Ph disconnector is provided for the better safety against bursting